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The Chalice
Friday, September 10 2021

“Open my heart, O Lord that I may lay aside the preoccupations of my life and know that you are already here. Teach me your desire for steadfast closeness and swallow me in your love. Open my ears that I may know an intimacy that is already there. You have dwelled in me since my baptism. Let me deepen my desire for intimacy with you (Martin Smith).”

Martin Smith gave me this prayer at a retreat I was leading. I wrote it in my journal and share it with you because I think that the preoccupations of our lives are becoming overwhelming and the peace of Christ that passes all understanding is a treasure that we all need and desire. This pandemic seems to be with us for another fall and winter. Please take a moment away from the media and back to the one that loves you eternally. I pray that you will open your heart and your ears to the love of Christ and that St. John’s will continue to be a place of radical welcoming, hospitality, and God’s grace. May we crave the one whose steadfast love is eternal. May we share that love with our families, our congregation, and our neighbors. May we love one another as Christ loves us.

As you volunteer your time, talent, and treasure at St. John’s, it is my responsibility to keep you centered in Christ. One of my most important roles as pastor of this congregation is to lead each of you to a deeper spirituality. We are all very busy people and most of us can relate to “running” from one place to another in our life. It gets so crazy at times that I think people forget where they are running to.

Please take a few minutes from your busy life and enter into the peace that passes all understanding. God loves you deeply and wants you to live a meaningful life. When we draw close to the love of God, we begin to see the path of self-giving love that Jesus Christ has taught us through his life, death, and resurrection. At St. John’s, you will see many examples of those who give themselves to others.

There are saints among us that have such a deep love for Jesus Christ that the love of God exudes from their ministry. They often care for the sick, visit the lonely, feed the hungry, and provide Living Water to those who thirst. They provide this Living Water by living a Christian life that is rooted in their faith and love of Jesus Christ. They may work at the Thrift Shop, help with our Harvest Fair, visit shut ins, or serve on our St. Hilda’s Guild. You will not often see them taking credit for anything they do and may never even notice the wonderful ministry that they do, until you are in need yourself and they care for you and love you like family.

I ask you to join us on September 19th and 26th to celebrate the saints that serve at St. John’s. We will give thanks for the ministry of Rob Wheeler on September 19th at the 10:00 service. We will give thanks on September 26th at 10:00 for the ministry and service at St. John’s for Rev. John Morrison. At 11:30 on September 26th, we will have a service of remembrance for Robert Boise. Please join us in the church, on zoom, or on Facebook live.   

In Christ’s love,

Fr. Duncan


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